Zoë's Corner

Hello there! I'm Zoë, welcome to this Web 1.0 looking nightmare I call my home here on the Web! If you'd like to see a crazy nutcase lady scream about historic computing, you're in the right place!

As a quick introduction, I'm a Computer Science student who really likes historic computing, vintage computing, and hacking around in hardware I probably shouldn't. I'm also passionate about sharing that passion with others - my dream would be to open up and curate a computing museum but instead I'm forced to toil under capitalism so I guess this makes a decent alternative.

I do have other interests too! You can find my other pages along the top bar, but I also am a fan of:

  • Constructed Languages
  • Music & Poetry
  • Theme Parks and general Adrenaline Junkie stuff

Would be dead cool if you could flick through this site and look at the stuff that interests you!

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