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Look. I'm a pretty terrible artist. I can't even draw straight. Nevertheless, I do like to write music from time to time (though I'm generally way to bad at stuff to actuall play it!) so you can find that and (probably synthesised) recordings of it here! This goes all the way back to my GCSE Music days when, for a laugh, I ditched the crappy piano piece I'd been composing as more coursework with like a week left in favour of some Bon Jovi style arena rock thing, which suprisingly worked. I then stitched that with my other composition piece, a crazy prog rock style guitar solo that flipped time signatures between 13/8 and 7/8 and 5/4 and 4/4 like the weather. I ended up stiching those together into a 10 minute prog rock masterpiece. And then I wrote Light Up Your Face which is the damn funnest thing I've ever written. And it was all downhill from there!

I also like to pretend I can write poetry. This comes from one time I was walking along the canal in Oxford and cried when I saw a very pretty tree because I'm just quirky like that I guess. I was inspired enough to head home and write a sonnet-ish about it. I probably won't post much of it here because it's mostly pure garbage but there we go!

I'm also a big fan of conlanging. If you don't know, conlanging is that thing we all tried to do as a kid where we make up a language, except I never really grew up and I'm still trying to do that because it's fun! But now, we can use actual things like "grammar" to make a decent, somewhat realistic lanuage!

My conlanging mostly revolves around a language I call "Timeling." The context is this big idea I've been meaning to make into a visual novel or comic or something for the past ever, about a CIA like government time travel organisation that regulates time travel, who interract with a kind of "time terrorist"/outlaw group called the Timelings. After God knows how long of isolation, the Timelings' language has evolved, and I thought it would be interesting to think about how people for whom time travel is a natural part of life might speak! The core a priori feature is that as well as inflecting verbs for tense, you can inflect nouns too and seperately, e.g. you can express "I'm going to travel back in time, and will speak to you in my future but your past" by inflecting "I" with future tense and "you" in past tense, with this all built in as suffixes and stuff. Pretty cool, huh?

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