Zoë's Corner

Hi! My name's Zoë, my pronouns are she/her, and I'm the numpty that created and maintains this site!

As you'll have seen on the main page, I like vintage computing, conlanging, artsy stuff, and roller coasters. I use this page basically like a blog: if I ride a new coaster, pick up a new piece of computing kit, or accidentally invent time travel using the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, I'll write a post about it here. Why am I using this as a blog instead of something actually designed to be used as a blog like Wordpress? I'm not actually sure. Maybe I relish in the challenge of actually having to figure out how Javascript works enough to make the sidebars work? Maybe I just can't capture the chaotic Web 1.0 vibe with Wordpress? Maybe I decided a historic computing website should be served by a historically designed site? I guess we'll never know.

The History

I was born and raised in a small coal mining town in the UK, which I remember fondly for... nothing. It sucks here. There's a lot of nice nature about I guess, trees are very pretty, but it's just a terrible little place. Ever since I was a young child, I'd dreamed of being an astronaut, but that wasn't to be as my eyesight is way too bad for that, so instead I decided I like computers and now I go to a big fancy university in the South where I study Computer Science, and found my niche between all the theoretical nuts and machine learning weirdos as a hardware gal. I quickly grew dissillusioned with the idea of selling out to big tech and toiling away my waking hours to make some fat cat even richer. This is where my love for historic and vintage computing comes from - I'd love to be able to just open a computing museum to teach people about this kind of stuff, which is kinda what my historic computing pages are trying to be.

The Today

I am very queer. If you like detailed labels I tend to call myself demiromantic asexual. If you don't, well, I am deeply and madly in love with my wonderful girlfriend and hope that someday we can open up a pretty little bookstore in Scarborough or Brighton or somewhere together. Make of that what you will. I mostly fill my time with doing uni work, watching animated movies, and being a massive gamer. That's a lie, I mostly fill it with procrastination. This entire site is just a psyop to try make me actually do something fulfilling with my procrastination time. I also like all the things I mentioned on my main page and I do those in various amounts too! In fact, I love roller coasters so much I founded the Oxford Theme Park Society, which you should join if you are a student at the University of Oxford! I would've also started the conlanging soc as well if I'd had the time or the know how. While we're at it, I love being queer so much I am "Vice President of the Gays," i.e. OU LGBTQ+ Society. I think that's all my super duper condesnsed social CV!

The Future

I don't know. Turns out the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis isn't actually powerful enough to grant me time travel. We'll wait and see.

The How Can You Find Me?

I use Twitter. Barely. If you want to get in contact for some reason the best place to do that is probably to find me @rose_zoe_. No I'm not going to put an email address here, I don't want to be emailed with every malware under the sun thank you very much!

tl;dr I'm a cool kid and you should look at my website content

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